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About Me

I believe in the importance of LOVING what I do.

I believe in the importance of making my CLIENTS LOVE what i do.

I truly enjoy my work from concept to completion and beyond, and approach each and every project with the following mindset:

Build for Flexibility and Scalability: A project should never be built into a corner. You should expect to grow, evolve, and expand – and you strive for that, plan for that and execute that.

Listen to your customers: With today’s analytical web technogies, you can hear almost every word your customers speak, and let their actions guide your business to it’s success.

Achieve Cohesiveness: From platforms and databases to email marketing and revenue streams, all pieces of your business’ puzzle should fit, work, and flow with consistency

In today’s rapidly changing world, it’s important to stay on top of trends – both in business and technology. The two go hand-in-hand more than ever before.

A website isn’t just simply just an online presence anymore – it’s an extension of your business (and in more and more cases, it’s the HEART of your business), and it needs to live and breathe with your business. It needs to be flexible, scalable and it must provide you with the answers to questions about your customers that you don’t even know you have yet.

Brands need to be developed, and your brand collateral needs to be crafted lovingly, with care, planning, and superb execution.

With the advent of mobile technology, social media and a myriad of other tools available to business owners – small and large – the success of your business in truly at your fingertips.

My approach to web development begins with a concept, and carries through to how effectively market, collect data, and improve over-all user experience in order to ensure a loyal customer base. I enjoy working with clients closely to achieve both their vision and mine to craft the best website possible, while allowing for the growth, change and flexibility required as time goes on and technology advances.

So look around, and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. If you would like a copy of my resume, please download it below.