Martini Date

Martini Date is the classiest dating website you’ve never heard of….This project was built on a base platform called ‘SkaDate’. It’s a minimal dating software package that allows a user to ‘build a dating website’ for $400.  Yea…..

My client, however, wanted much more than the default package install, so that’s where I came in to play.  I re-wrote one of the software’s themes to mimick my design, and wrote a handful of extra features into the core files, in order to enhance the user’s experience, and restructured some of the default functionality to achieve my clients desired outcome.

Tools Used: Skadate (install), PHP/MySQL, HTML/CSS, Photoshop, a Martini or two (research, you know…)

Martini Date


Status: on hold, unfortunatley. But I still have hopes the martini’s will flow once again this fall!

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